Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there prerequisites to pursuing the Certified Research Developer designation?

A. Yes. Candidates must have completed at least a four-year bachelor's degree. Candidates must have at least two years' experience working as a researcher.

Q. How do I earn the Certified Research Developer designation?

A. You must complete 20 credits of coursework and agree to the Certified Research Developer Disclaimer. Beginning in July 2018, you will be required to pass a quiz after each course you take and each book you read.

Q. How many credits do I receive when I take a course?

A. You receive 1 credit for every hour of instruction time. The number of credits you will receive for each course is provided on the Course Description page of this website.

Q. Are some of the courses required and other courses elective?

A. No. You may take the 20 hours' worth of training you believe would be most beneficial to you. We recognize that everyone matriculating in the Certified Research Developer program has different levels of knowledge in different fields. We understand that some courses will be more helpful to you in advancing your career than others.

Q. How long do I have to earn the required course credits?

A. You have six months from the date of the first course you take (or from your receipt of the self-taught course materials) to complete all of the required courses.

Q. How often and where are the courses offered?

A. Several of the courses are offered several times a year in a variety of cities in the United States. Some of the courses are offered in the UK, Europe, Asia, India and the Middle East. All of the courses are offered via archived webinar.

Q. Are there any required reading materials associated with the courses?

A. Yes. The course materials and reading materials will be provided to you during each class. If you take the self-study option, the course materials will be mailed to you.

Q. Are there quizzes associated with the Certified Research Developer designation?

A. Yes. Beginning in July 2018, there will be quizzes associated with each course in the curriculum.

Q. What is the nature of the quizzes?

A. The quizzes consist of true / false and multiple choice questions as well as fill-in-the-blank and short answer exercises.

Q. What is the threshold for passing the quizzes?

A. You must obtain 70% or higher of the total possible points on the collective quizzes administered.

Q. How should I prepare for the quizzes?

A. The courses should be sufficient in preparing you to pass the quizzes.

Q. How long do I have to complete the quizzes?

A. You have six months from the date of the first course you take or from your receipt of the self-taught course materials to take the quizzes. We recommend that you take each quiz as soon as possible after completing each course.

Q. What are the costs associated with earning the Certified Research Developer designation?

A. The breakdown of these costs is presented below:

The total tuition for the curriculum below is $10,455, but if you enroll now, you can save thousands!

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Application Fee  



Course Duration (in hours)



Innovation Scouting 1.0 1.0 $175
Invention Scoring 1.0 1.0 $175
Overview of Pursuing Research Grants 1.0 1.0 $175
Engineering Management & IP Development 1.5 1.5 $295
A Researcher's Primer on Patent Drafting and Prosecution 2.0 2.0 $345
Conducting Free Patent Searches 1.0 1.0 $175
Patent Triage for Assertion 1.0 1.0 $175
What Can Go Wrong After a License Agreement is Reached 1.0 10 $175
Drafting Invention Disclosures 1.5 1.5 $295
Drafting Provisional Patent Applications 1.0 1.0 $175
How Researchers Can Take a Constructive Part in the Patent Prosecution Process 2.0 2.0 $345
Detecting Red Flags in Patent Prosecution 1.5 1.5 $295
Productizing Your Invention 1.5 1.5 $175
Voice of the Customer 1.5 1.5 $295
Vetting New Products with Predictive Markets 1.0 1.0 $175
Primary Competitive Intelligence 1.0 1.0 $175
Secondary Competitive Intelligence 1.5 1.5 $295
Patent Licensing 3.0 3.0 $615
Drafting Royalty Clauses 2.0 2.0 $345
Patent Anatomy and Hygiene 1.5 1.5 $295
Researchers' Legal Obligations 1.5 1.5 $295
Patent Family Analysis 1.5 1.5 $295
How Researchers Can Better Influence Corporate Results 1.0 1.0 $175
Introduction to Real Options 1.0 1.0 $175
Forward Rejection Analysis 1.5 1.5 $295
Patent Analytics with Pantros IP 1.0 1.0 $175
Communications Skills for Researchers 1.0 1.0 $175
Business Model Validation 3.0 3.0 $615
Evaluating Patent Examiners 1.0 1.0 $175
Managing IP During Mergers & Acquisitions 3.5 3.5 $615
Patent Industry Standards Agreements 1.5 1.5 $295
Negotiating Licensing Agreements with National Laboratories 1.0 1.0 $175
Negotiating Collaborative Research Agreements 1.5 1.5 $295
Negotiating Material Transfer Agreements 1.0 1.0 $175
Negotiating the Purchase and Sale of Patents 1.5 1.5 $295
Managing Licensing Compliance 1.0 1.0 $175
Evaluating the Merits of Pursuing Patent Litigation 1.5 1.5 $295
Required Reading Materials Approx. $100
Examination Fee     $295
2015 Membership Fee     $195

CRD candidates receive all of the above courses (delivered by archived webinar) and course materials.

Total Tuition     $10,455
Total Tuition When Matriculating Before December 31, 2017     $2,875
Savings When Matriculating Before December 31, 2017     $7,580
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Q. How long may I use the CRD designation?

A. Once you have earned it, you may use the CRD designation in perpetuity.