Partner Discounts for Certified Research Developers

Pantros IP Technology

"Pantros IP Technology™ understands human language, creating easier, cleaner access to the information you want from large data sets. Not dependent on keywords or synonyms, Pantros uses artificial intelligence to provide superior online patent search and analytic work flow tools. Their multi-dimensional IP solutions facilitate patent portfolio management and support quality patent analysis, competitive patent intelligence, and patent informatics."

CRDs are entitled to a 50% discount on Pantros' Patent Combined Reports.


ktMINE solutions provide clear information, documentation and tools to support a wide range of IP research initiatives. We offer Customized Research Services and a hands-on research solution, ktMINE Royalty Rate Finder™ Database, which provides:

  • Unlimited access to over 11,500 unredacted license agreements
  • Search using full text, agreement type, industry, effective date and 8 other filters
  • Each agreement summarized with all royalty rates, including tiers
  • Key licensing terms exportable to Excel, including royalty rates
  • Royalty rate base statistics and analysis tools for agreement(s)
  • Pay-per-use access options
CRDs are entitled to 10% discounts on ktMINE searches.


PatentWizard Provisional Patent Software is Provisional patent application software that helps inventors prepare and file a provisional patent application.