Benefits of Becoming a Certified Research Developer

Global spending on research and development reached approximately $1.4 trillion in 2012. However, the companies and countries that are the biggest spenders on R&D are not always the most innovative nor do they always rank highest in terms of research intensity (revenues divided by research expenditures).

Failing to align research initiatives and budgets with corporate strategy can result in untold destruction of shareholder value. Researchers who are unaware of -- or insensitive to the needs of -- their business development, licensing and legal brethren can actually be a hindrance to their company succeeding in the marketplace.

Governments and politicians are beginning to realize the importance of researchers sharpening their commercialization skills. For instance, the "America Innovates Act" aims to spur the growth of science and technology jobs by incentivizing start-up formation as well as enhancing business training opportunities for scientists and students.

For far less time and expense than a MBA program, the Certified Research Developer designation is focused on providing the training necessary to ensure that researchers better understand how to play a constructive role in the commercialization and monetization of the intangible assets they create. As a Certified Research Developer, you will become a more valuable asset to your company because you will have a better understanding of and appreciate for:

  • Focusing your research efforts on projects with high commercialization potential
  • Valuing emerging technologies
  • Writing an invention disclosure form
  • Communicating with patent lawyers, licensing professionals, and business development leaders
  • Conducting patent searches
  • The patenting process
  • The licensing process
  • The patent assertion process
  • Evaluation of markets
  • The process of purchasing and selling patents